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Longboard Review - Which Is The Best Longboard For You?

Alissa Dickson
  Sep 27, 2023 9:28 PM

Hey guys! Are you ready to take a break from work to spend time searching for the Longboard Review for yourself?
Hmm, before you go out and buy one of the Longboard Review you see, be sure to read this review and guide in our post. 
We will tell you about 8 products in the list of the Longboard Review currently available on the market. 
These are the best products we collected from the experience of our customers. We hope to help you save time to choose the right product for you.
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Are you looking for a perfect longboard to be on your enjoyable longboarding journey? Well, let's follow our longboard review and discover the answer.



Longboarding is a thrilling, addictive sport that you can easily take part in and have a lot of fun. And if you want to embark on your longboarding journey, you have to get the right longboard.

So, how to grab that perfect buddy for a delightful ride?

Let’s follow our Longboard review to discover the best longboards in the market and decide which one would be a good fit for you.

Follow us to find out the perfect longboard for you

#1 Retrospec Longboard Review

The first board we are going to talk about is Retrospec Longboard - one of the most​ elegant and outstanding longboards.

You might have heard about Retrospec before, as they are the top-notch manufacturer in boarding and cycling. In that fashion, they have won the hearts of thousands of customers around the world for the quality products and premium customer support they deliver.

The advantages and disadvantages of Retrospec longboard

Retrospec longboard has diverse, beautiful colors and graphics that surely make you fall in love at first sight.

From the sunset to sunrise, Retrospec has all the artworks that make you feel like you are surfing California beach with salty air and light waves.

Along with the appealing graphics, Retrospec longboard also has excellent quality. That’s because this artisan longboard is made from bamboo and 8-ply Canadian maple, which guarantees extra durability.

Another feature to love about this longboard is that the nose and tail are made with anti-bite technology, which helps you to avoid wheel bite when taking long deep turns.

Besides, it features lightweight aluminum trucks with Polyurethane (PU) wheels plus a rock finish to give you stable and fast rides.

The board is also lightweight. Thus, even teenage riders can easily ride and carry it around.

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard

What’s about the price of this awesome longboard? Well, it comes with a reasonable price that makes it easy for everyone to afford, especially when you have a tight budget.

Although the Retrospec longboard is awesome, it still has some drawbacks. One of them is the quality of the bearings.

They are not up to the quality of the rest of the board. In fact, because of these bearings, you may find a little bit difficult when you want to move fast or speed up more quickly.

Another downside is its weight capacity, which is only around 200 lbs. So it goes without saying that anyone whose total weight exceeds that number should pick something else because chances are that this board will not last long once they start using it.

The highly recommended products of  Retrospec longboard

If you are about to purchase   Retrospec longboard, you should consider      Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard and   Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Longboard.

These two longboards have been on the top of the best-selling longboards and received tons of positive feedback from riders for their quality and attention-grabbing appearance.

Who is it for?

In spite of several drawbacks regarding bearings and weight capacity, Retrospec longboard is totally worth buying, especially for beginners who want to try out this exciting sport.

Due to its performance, durability, accuracy, and appealing graphics, we believe that this longboard is also a great option for those who enjoy cruising and craving.

So, grab it now, and you will be on your way to go skating with grace and style.

#2 Volador Longboard Review - once of top 8 longboard for kids

If you are looking for an eco-friendly longboard that comes with outstanding features as well as appealing appearance, then Volador longboard is the first one to consider.

So, let’s scroll down to get detailed information about this awesome longboard.

The advantages and disadvantages of Volador longboard

As the Volador corporation has made environment preservation one of their primary goals, they only produce environmentally-friendly products.

Thus, the longboards of Volador are made from sustainable woods and recycled offcuts in order to minimize the negative impacts on the green world around us.

Another feature that makes Volador longboard stand out among the rest is its diverse breathtaking artworks. Choose the one that suits your taste and it will definitely make you look super stylish while popping out on the street.

Other than that, its surface is really durable, so shake off all your worries about scratching your board while sliding all day long.

Besides, the deck of Volador longboard is not only long-lasting but also sturdy as it is created from 8 Ply Maple - the highest quality of maple and wood.

Also, due to the cold press method, the 8 Ply maple will then turn into a camber concave deck which delivers outstanding physical performances, such as shock absorbency, and unsurpassed strength.

Thanks to the hard deck, the large wheels as well as the stable cruiser, Volador Longboard allows you to go smoothly on most terrains, including the rocky ones.

Moreover, you will be impressed with the versatility of the riding style that these longboards bring to you. The aluminum trucks enable you to cruise at high speeds and carve around the corners with ease.

What’s more? It has a good weight capacity up to 250 pounds. This means that even if you have fairly hefty weight, you are still able to move fluently and enjoy a great longboarding experience.

The Volador longboard is fantastic, but it is not perfect. A small downside of it is that it does not come with super flexibility.

And because of its lack of flexibility, it may not survive tricks. So, if you want a flexible longboard to try some tricks like hippie jumps, then this one may not be suitable for you.

The highly recommended Volador Longboard

Among various products of Volador, VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard and VOLADOR 46inch Maple Dancing Longboard are the one holding the most interest.

VOLADOR Longboard

Along with the high quality, these boards also come with reasonable prices that new riders can easily afford and embark on their longboarding journey.

Who is it for?

Well, Volador longboard is the ideal choice for beginners to mid-level riders as it is easy to work on this board.

If you are a complete newbie in riding the longboard, then this one is going to be your helpful sidekick because it is easy to maneuver, so you can ride on it and move it around one corner to another with little effort.

Moreover, because it offers maximum stability, it is the perfect one for you if you prefer a comfortable riding experience while freeriding or cruising around the town rather than a thrilling race down the hill.

#3 Quest Longboards Review

If you are on a quest for a top-notch longboard brand that helps to fulfill the desire of riders from all levels of experience, then Quest may be the one you have been looking for.

From amateur to professional skaters, Quest provides great quality boards as well as the premium customer service to deliver the best longboarding experience for skaters.

The advantages and disadvantages of Quest longboard

The Quest brand prefers to keep their designs and colors simple yet super high-toned. An impressive balance between minimalistic and elegant - the unique style that has become their pride, as well as many of their customers when riding along the street on the board.

Along with user-friendly designs, Quest longboard is also famous for variable eco-friendly longboards to minimize the negative impacts on the environment.

Nearly every longboard of Quest is made with a multi-ply hardwood maple deck, which makes the deck stronger and more durable. This will then aid you in riding more comfortably and enjoyably.

The wheels of Quest longboard are not only made from durable material but also are well designed.

These factors prevent the wheels from being damaged from the heat of the sunshine as well as deliver a more stable experience when you ride on a rough surface.

The wheels also assist you in avoiding wheel bite. So, rest assured that you are able to ride downhill comfortably and safely.

What’s more? The longboard of Quest usually comes with rugged and lightweight aluminum trucks.

The size of these trucks is usually either 6’’ or 7’’, which is large enough to increase stability and avoid wheel bite during taking a turn or stopping the forward motion.

The precision ABEC 5 bearings of Quest longboard are great as they bring the smoothness in the path. Furthermore, it is also equipped with a hollow 4mm riser. With these factors, nearly all longboards of Quest can bring you a smooth ride.

Although Quest longboard is awesome, it still has some small drawbacks, for instance, the loose bushings. Thus, you should check these before taking the board out for a ride, or else you might have problems with the wheel bite in your tracks.

The highly recommended products of Quest longboard

Quest longboard is definitely worth buying since it comes with not only top-class features and stylish appearances but also appropriate cost.

Here are our picks for the best Quest longboards in the market.

  • Quest QT-NSC44C

  • Quest Bold Arch 48" Longboard

  • Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard

  • Quest Zero Dark 40 Downhill Style

Quest QT-NSC44C

Who is this longboard for?

Quest longboard is quite well-known in the market since they offer high-quality longboards at competitive prices.

That’s why people have been fond of these boards so much and have been using them for a long period of time.

And because it is as easy as a piece of cake to control Quest longboard, it is an ideal option for beginners who have very few longboarding skills.

This longboard is not only for amateurs but also for riders with advanced skills as it brings amazing experience when riding, and the locations are not the matter.

#4 Sector 9 Longboard Review

Sector 9 is a well-known US longboard company established in 1993. Since then, Sector 9 has been on the top of producers for surfing, longboarding, and snowboarding boards.

Whatever style of longboard you are fond of, such as, riding downhill, carving, cruising, Sector 9 has the best products that meet all of your demands about quality as well as looks.

The advantages and disadvantages of Sector 9 longboard

The first feature that makes Sector 9 longboard one of the best longboarding brands is its diverse products for different riding styles.

Whether you are an amateur or master in longboarding, Sector 9 has its own range of products for you. It also ensures that you have the best and smoothest experience when carving, riding downhill, or cruising.

Plus, at the first time you set your gaze on Sector 9 longboard, you will definitely fall in love with it for the amazing colorful artworks. Every product of Sector 9 has a unique combination of graphics and colors to bring its one-of-a-kind beauty.

Another awesome feature of Sector 9 longboard is that it is very stable due to its comfortable size and wheelbase. Even if you are a little bit plus-sized, you can ride on this longboard comfortably as it has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

What’s more? It comes with high-quality wheels and drop-through trucks to maintain stability while riding at high speed. Also, these features help you to avoid the wheel bite on your riding journey.

The drop-through trucks also make your ride more stable and smoother when you are riding low, pushing on rough roads, or turning at high speeds.

The other parts of the longboards, such as bearings, bushings, come with good quality too. These parts contribute to delivering a soft riding experience, no matter what style of riding you are enjoying.

The only downside of Sector 9 longboard is its price, which is a little bit higher compared to the prices of other longboards in the market.

However, when you compare the cost of this premium longboard to its fantastic benefits, you will find that this is a pretty good investment for your longboarding journey.

The highly recommended products of Sector 9 longboard

If you are planning to take Sector 9 longboard, let’s think about your needs and your budgets to choose the most suitable one for you.

Here are the best-selling Sector 9 longboards that you can take a look at:

  • Sector 9 Blue Wave Longboard 42 inch

  • Sector 9 Aperture Longboard 36"

  • Sector 9 Mens Midnight Faultline

  • Sector 9 Mens Pinnacle

Sector 9 Longboard

Who is Sector 9 longboard for?

Now, you have known about a top-class longboard brand that delivers only premium products. So, how can you know if Sector 9 longboard is the one for you?

Well, due to the variety of longboards, Sector 9 surely has the one that is most suitable for you. Whatever you want a longboard for commuting, pushing, riding in rocky terrains, or bombing hills, this brand has them all.

However, as it can cost quite a fortune, it will be more suitable for intermediate and professional riders who want something that can assist them in testing some tricky moves.

#5 Loaded Longboard Review

Many riders are eager to own Loaded longboard as it is among the best longboard brands out there.

The high-end boards with premium quality as well as trendy appearance make Loaded longboards a great choice if you want to invest in an advanced longboard.

The advantages and disadvantages of Loaded longboard

Loaded longboards have been known to bring very special feelings to its users due thanks to their superior physical properties. Besides, Loaded has been going the extra mile to develop their manufacturing process in order to make their decks much more resistant and responsive.

For instance, they have combined hybrid bamboo and composite fiber to add strength to their decks.

These materials make Loaded longboard much lighter and easier to carry around than the other longboards made from common maple. Also, these decks are carefully designed and implemented multiple flex options to meet the distinct demands of different riding styles.

Whatever riding style you are fond of, such as dancing, freestyling, commuting, Loaded longboard promises to deliver excellent performance for the riding style it is designed for.

Another premium point of this longboard is the advanced pressing process. This advanced technology has been used to create the sophisticated shapes with special concaves and contours in order to maintain the balance when you are riding.

Not only does the Loaded longboard come with outstanding features, but it also comes with well-made and elegant appearances.

Every product line has a distinctive beauty that makes it a perfect choice if you want to stand out whenever you are riding on this stylish longboard.

The only drawback we find in Loaded longboard is that its price is nowhere near wallet-friendly. However, the fact is that you get what you pay for. And trust us, the premium and super durable Loaded longboard will be worth every single penny.

The highly recommended options of Loaded longboard

If you are attracted to the top-class longboards of Loaded, then take a look at the top 3 best-selling products on the market:

  • Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard

  • Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard

  • Bhangra Bamboo Longboard

Loaded Longboard

Who is Loaded longboard for?

Due to the superior features, Loaded longboard definitely is a great investment for experienced riders or newbies with a huge passion for longboarding.

Regardless of your longboarding styles, such as dancing, freestyling, and cruising, you will always find a first-rate Loaded longboard that brings you the best riding experience.

For instance, if you prefer a longboard for pushing and commuting, then Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard is the best choice for you.

Or if you are fond of challenging yourself and are up to some tricky stuff like dancing or freestyling, then you should consider the Bhangra Bamboo Longboard.

#6 Yocaher Longboard Review

Yocaher is one of the top US skateboard companies with years of experience as it was established in 1975. Day in and day out, this brand has been working with all its might to produce the high-quality for skating, surfing, and longboarding.

Plus, their longboards have all been put through a meticulous manufacturing phase so that they can be used for most riding actions like sliding, carving, turning, and so on.

The advantages and disadvantages of Yocaher Longboard

Now, it is time to take a glance at the remarkable features of Yocaher longboard.

The first feature to notice is the trendy designs and vibrant colors. These graphics are diverse to meet the tastes of all classes of customers. You would definitely love these graphics as soon as you see them.

Another strong point of Yocaher longboard is its drop-down deck with a high build quality. This makes it easier for riders to control the board and maintain stability while riding.

It also comes with quite large trucks to enable young and newbie riders to balance sufficiently and learn to ride more quickly.

All of these features make the longboard super newbie-friendly. The novice longboard user will not find themselves in six and seven when trying to control this board. On this grounds, the risks they might face when learning longboarding will be reduced to certain levels.

Another thing that will have you longboard fanatics squeal in joy is that the board’s plastic wheels coming with the pintail with 78A hardness. 78A means the wheels absorb shock so well that you will have smoother riding experience, especially when you are cruising downhill.

With all these awesome features, you might be thinking that the price of this longboard will be a little bit hefty, right?

In that case, you might be surprised with how reasonable the price is. Compared to all these top-notch features, the price is quite low, less than 100$ as a matter of fact. This makes it ideal for those who have just started to learn longboarding.

We have discussed the upsides of  Yocaher longboard, what’s about its downsides?

The first complaint is the quality of bearings as they are not good enough to last for a long period of time.

Another small downside is that the Yocaher longboard is not suitable for advanced performance. Thus, if you want to try some professional skills, you will need to do some customization at first.

The highly recommended Yocaher Longboard

Now, you may have a relatively fair idea about Yocaher longboard; however, you still feel a little confused about which Yocaher longboard to choose, right? Then, here you have our best picks to consider.

  • Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down

  • Yocaher New VW Vibe Beach Series Longboard

  • Yocaher Vibe Longboard Pintail Deck Only

Yocaher Longboard

Who is Yocaher Longboard for?

If you are looking for a strong, sturdy, and durable longboard to learn longboarding, then Yocaher Longboard is a great option for you.

Not only is it budget-friendly and high-quality longboard, but it is also an easy-to-use one.

In case you prefer a high-speed riding or craving or cruising, then once again, this one is designed for you as it has shown its outstanding ability to maintain balance.

However, if you want a longboard to practice advanced tricks and higher skills, then this one may not be suitable for you. We have already dwelled into the reason before, it requires modifications for better performance.

#7 White Wave Bamboo Longboard Review

For the past few years, Wave has ranked on the top of the best Longboard manufacturers as it offers high-quality products and services.

All the models of Wave are designed with a fashionable look and appealing color combination. Hence, it is easy for you to find a stunning longboard that suits your riding style and quality demands.

White Wave Bamboo Longboard

The advantages and disadvantages of White Wave Bamboo Longboard

Among the board collections offered to you by Wave, White Wave Bamboo Longboard is perhaps the best of the bunch.

This longboard is quite light with just 3.5 pounds in total weights, which means that you can easily carry it in the back of your backpack and carry it from place to place without wearing yourself out.

What’s more? It has a wide base and a good length with a measure of about 39.5 x 5.2 x 10.9 inches in dimensions. Thanks to this, you are able to cruise and sway at high speeds without any hindrance.

Now, for the designs, this longboard uses drop through trucks to optimize stability, especially when boarding downhill at high speeds or cruising with sharp turns.

The deck of this longboard comes with slightly or medium carvings, which allows you to turn and sway more easily.

What’s about the wheels? This longboard equips with 70 mm x 50 mm high rebound Urethane wheels to increase the security for riders when riding downhill.

In addition to awesome designs, this longboard also comes with decent quality as the deck is made from sturdy bamboo and Canadian Maple - which has been known as one of the best types of wood for boards.

Besides, the deck has a clear grip tape to adhere to the user’s foot and stabilize the riding experience.

Although White Wave Bamboo Longboard is great, it still has some small drawbacks. The big one seems to be the loud, squeaky trucks, which may make you feel a little bit annoyed while riding.

Another problem you probably have to address during your use are the Abec 9 Hellion bearings. Of course, these bearings are fine, but it would be better if the longboard comes with ceramic bearings, which bring better performance and last pretty much longer.

Who is it for?

Alright then, you have known about an awesome, durable, and affordable longboard. So, you might be wondering who this longboard is for?

Well, first of all, it is a good fit for beginners as well as intermediate riders who enjoy cruising, craving, and riding downhill.

Furthermore, as it has a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds, it is highly recommended for heavy riders.

#8 Magneto Longboard Review

Magneto is a rising star in the longboarding industry since the quality it delivers has always been beyond the expectation of tons of riders.

Also, the price of the Magneto longboard is very competitive compared to its quality.

So, if you prefer a stylish and flexible longboard at a reasonable price, then you have to check out detailed information about this one.

Magneto Longboard

The advantages and disadvantages of Magneto longboard

When you first hold the Magneto longboard, you will be impressed with how lightweight it is. That’s because the board is made with fiberglass, which makes it much lighter and easier to carry everywhere.

In addition, you may notice that the deck of Magneto longboard is not only built with Canadian maple - one of the top-quality wood available - but also equipped with suitable materials such as bamboo to boost durability and flexibility.

Also, thanks to these materials, the longboard is super steady. This means that you can carve cruise or even ride downhill with adequate balance.

Aside from the fantastic features, this longboard provides a variety of longboard styles. The designs and graphics look pretty eye-catching, simple yet trendy at the same time, so we are sure that you will quickly take a shine to them.

Despite the excellent features, Magneto longboard still has some small drawbacks; for instance, the bearings and the wheels might need to loosen up or be replaced for better riding experience.

The adjustment process may often happen to ensure that you are able to roll over for long distances.

The highly recommended products of Magneto longboard

If you are wondering which longboards of Magneto are the best, then consider these top 3 awesome ones:

Who is it for?

Magneto longboard is not perfect, but it is definitely an excellent longboard as it can be used for a variety of riding, such as cruising and carving out all of the tight turns.

And the best part is that it is suitable for longboarding riders of any level, including newbies, intermediates, and even pros.

A bonus point that makes it an ideal option is that it comes with a lower price compared to the others. So, it is without a doubt a good value for money.


Final thoughts

Now, you have reached the bottom of our longboard review.

What do you think of these products? Have you found out the one to take home right away?

We hope that we have lent you a hand in selecting a perfect longboard to embark on your riding journey.

Last but not least, thank you so much for your time. And if you have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and we will do our best to reply as soon as possible.

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